Mini Tripod

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Never miss a shot! 

Snag this extremely compact and super lightweight tripod today. Designed with a universal tripod thread that fits almost every DSLR and mirrorless camera on the market!

Tiny and Mighty!

Capable of holding most cameras, hand held gimbals, and cell phones with attachments for live streams and behind the scenes shots. Made of molded ABS plastic it is weighs almost nothing but is still strong enough to hold heavy camera setups.

Perfect for Travelers & Vloggers

It's tiny size makes it perfect for travel as it easily fits in to your pocket, backpack, fanny pack, purse, glovebox, almost anywhere! Soft rubber pads provide grip on uneven surfaces and protection on important ones!

Simple is Better

Just screw in and you're ready to go! Extremely easy to use! Can double as a grip when closed to extend your vlogging handle!
Capture amazing photos when you take the shake out of your shots!


Weight (g): 0.03
Material: ABS plastic